New Cheese!


Over the next couple of weeks we have a few new cheeses popping up in the shop, starting off with a wonderful little selection of modern British cow and goat milk cheeses from Oliver Hudson and his team at Wodehill.

We have taken 3 cheeses off of there hands, the Wodehill Blue, the fresh goat Childswickbury and the soft cow/goat mix Carla Tun. All three are fantastic but it is the Childswickbury that is getting me all flustered this morning, its light and clean tasting with a beautifully open soft texture and a delicate zesty tang. It’s hot to trot and will be perfect for lunch at the weekend. If you’re coming to the shop on Saturday, make sure you come around early before its all gone (or i’ve caved in and earmarked the lot for myself).

The Wodehill Blue and the Carla Tun I am keeping my eye on as they look like they will be coming in to their own from next week.


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